You can brand your books entirely to you.

I completely understand. You might be using another photographer, but you really want this in your business. I want you to know, that's OK. That's why I offer this...

Here's how it works.

You look freakin awesome, that's how it works. 

Here's what's included...

10 Printed Copies of the Home Prep Guide
Full replacement of logo, photos, your branding, and other relevant elements. 
Additional copies available for a low price.

Can I have a sample copy of The Home Prep Guide before buying? 

We do not provide sample copies of the guide, but as you could see in our video above, this guide is of super high quality. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to review and make adjustments prior to your final print order. 

How do I customize the Home Prep Guide for myself?  

When you purchase a license for our Home Prep Guide, our team will work with you to add customized elements. 

Do I get a digital copy of the guide?

Since you already signed up for access to the web-only digital copy of the Home Prep Guide, it is yours to use and review. You just can't download or print the digital version. Besides, you don't want to hand your clients that link. You want to hand them a beautifully printed magazine booklet that demonstrates how prepared you are to take their listing. $13 to add that much value to your client and have a marketing piece ready to pass on to their friends? You totally need this. 

What kind of paper do you use? 

We print on magazine-quality #100 gloss paper printed in full color. 

Can I partner with a lender and add their information too? 

Certainly! That would be a great way for you to reduce the costs of the Home Prep Guide. 

Can I add additional copies to my order? 

Yes, you can add 15 more copies to this order at checkout for an additional $150, and you can certainly add another pack of 25 for $325. 

Have some more questions? Reach out to us directly on Instagram! or email me, [email protected]

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