We receive a number of questions from our clients, and to make it easier for you, we have assembled a quick page that will help right away. As always, if you have additional questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

What is your standard turnaround time for delivery?

We guarantee delivery of all in-house produced assets by 9am the next business day. Our editors work overnight to ensure a timely delivery for you to take your listings live. Matterport 3D Tours are edited by a third party, and delivery times are subject to their timelines, typically same day or early the next day. All assets will be delivered as one package through your client portal login.

Is it possible to have same day delivery of photos?

Rush service is possible but not guaranteed. Our policy is to over-deliver on service, and our goal is to deliver final files on time by next morning.  If you need files by 10pm on the day of photography, please let me know at the time of scheduling, and plan for a morning session. It is important that my editors are given priority notice if we are going to have a shot at delivering same day. 

Do you stage a house prior to photography?

Staging a house is the responsibility of the agent and home owner prior to my arrival. I typically take a 5 minute walkthrough of a house prior to photography to check for small adjustments. Otherwise it is expected that the home-owner and agent review my Home Prep Guide and prepare appropriately. Note that it is always advisable to seek the professional advice of a home staging professional for listing photography and showings.

How much does it cost to hire you?

We offer a variety of services that help real estate listings shine. Our client portal gives you a custom quote based on selected services, property square footage, and travel distance. There is never any guesswork when it comes to placing your listing photography order. Our services start at $250. Be sure to look out for our all-inclusive package that features a comprehensive plan that will showcase your listing and set it apart from the competition.

How long have you been professionally photographing real estate?

I first started photographing real estate professionally in 2014. Over the years, I have worked to both continually improve my technique and expand my product offerings to include things like 3D Matterport Tours, Video, and Aerial products.

Do you offer additional photography services?

In addition to my work as a real estate photography professional, I am a professional portrait photographer and digital artist. One speciality our studio offers is digital composite work, we replace backgrounds and make fantastical scenes from otherwise normal, everyday photographs. If you are interested in additional services, reach out and we will plan your upcoming project together.

I want to add additional structures to my service, such as an ADU, will that cost extra?

Most of the time, photographing interiors of an additional structure is included in our service. It always depends on the size and complexity of the additional unit or structure. For example, if the additional building is just a shop or large garage, more than one photograph of the room is often not necessary. If it is another dwelling unit that will require more intricate detail, however, the added square footage may factor into your package. I recommend contacting me with any questions when you place your order on our client portal.

Does the Matterport include an ADU, Barn, or other structure?

3D Tours with Matterport operate on a continuous walking space basis, meaning that a user is not able to walk from one building to another. There are a couple ways to connect them, but a continuous walkthrough of two spaces is largely not possible. If you would like to have a full tour of both a principal residence and ADU or separate building, I charge an additional fee to cover the second space. Alternatively, a 360 View scan is a simple rotating view of an area without walking motion, and is free of charge to add to your Matterport service.

I have a specific request, can you make sure to photograph it when on site?

With particular requests, I recommend detailing them when you place your order and be prepared to point these items out at the beginning of our photography session. While we cannot guarantee particular shots or angles, we will do our best to accommodate and fulfill your vision.

I would like to follow you through the house and provide creative feedback, will that be OK?

Requesting specific shots, such as a spot with a great view that you really like, is recommended. With my extensive experience photographing real estate, I cover a house in more detail than you or your clients likely have in mind. That said, I do expect the space and freedom necessary to work efficiently and completely. Keeping clear of my scenes & camera once photography has begun is a universal expectation. Please do not provide creative feedback or ideas as I am working.

I usually like to have listing paperwork signed during our photography session, will this be OK?

Having sold real estate myself, it is important to remember that you do not have a listing until you have signed paperwork. That means you are committing yourself to my schedule and any associated cancellation fees if you do not keep the appointment. I highly recommend having a signed listing agreement prior to scheduling a photography appointment.

Additionally, real estate photography is a highly detailed and fast moving process. I expect the entire house to be prepared for my arrival. Given the nature of listing paperwork and business discussions, you will be interrupted, moved, and shuffled as I photograph the home. To best serve you, I recommend having listing paperwork signed prior to my arrival, or at the most extreme to secure signatures after I leave.

What is your cancellation policy?

Due to the nature of a photography business, our services are available by appointment only, and short notice and last minute cancellations cause business loss.

From our terms of service:

If a cancellation or rescheduling request occurs within 48 hours prior to the Property shoot, Client will pay any expenses incurred and a fifty (50)% cancellation fee, which is half of the invoice total. Same day cancellations require an invoice paid in full.

What kind of license will I receive?

Most real estate photography companies provide a very limited license in scope, only permitting photo use for a short period of time, such as six months, and restricting any use of the photographs outside of advertising the listing.

In support of your business, DOMUS by Justin Mikkelsen Photography offers a much broader license for use. See our quote from our Terms of Service below.

From our Terms of Service:

“Client is granted by Photographer high-resolution un-watermarked digital files and Photographer is issuing to Client a non-exclusive perpetual limited license for Client’s limited commercial use of the digital files in the normal course of Client’s business, including, but not limited to, advertising, marketing, or other promotions, or on Client’s website, blog, or social media platforms. Client understands that the digital files are meant for print and online marketing and advertising materials or campaigns. The digital files may be not altered, edited, or manipulated in any way, except that Client may add their business name, logo, website or other advertising or marketing campaign text to the digital files so long as it does not affect the elements of the image as styled by Photographer.”

Note that your license is solely restricted to you, the agent ordering the service, and may not be transferred to another agent or your client. Any and all transfers of photographs outside of intended use is considered a violation of copyright and will be subject to legal action.

Any requests by your clients or other agents for photographs should be referred back to Justin Mikkelsen Photography, LLC.

Do you provide custom websites?

Every listing our studio photographs includes a free website and features all photographic products requested and a lead generation form. This site is perfect for sharing on social media, and we always recommend having your clients share it with friends, family, and neighbors. If you offer a QR code on your listing rider, this is the perfect site to send sign callers to.

What is your pet policy? 

We have a strict no pet policy while our photographers are on site. In order for our photographers to work on any property, pets must be securely housed. There are no exceptions for animals that have 'never bitten anyone' or 'are the sweetest animals on the planet'. There are significant considerations other than potential harm to the photographer, including potential for damaged equipment. We recognize that some animals are difficult to corral, such as cats that tend to hide. Please have someone on site in case such animals become violent.